Classes and Events

Reiki Level One and Two Certification Class

April 27th 10-5pm, May 4th 10-4pm

Samyama Yoga Center

Can take just one or both. Go to Samyama Yoga Center workshop page to sign up.


Yoga and Wellness Retreat in Italy: August 25-September 1


Join Amy Rogg and I this summer for a therapeutic retreat in the heart of Tuscany! As a wellness team we will facilitate gentle and restorative yoga/movement, meditation, energy and creative practices to open the mind,body and soul! We will explore connection to our selves, others and nature through the art of slowing down. You will also enliven your senses with exquisite Italian cuisine, breathtaking views, day adventures, massage, Reiki, quiet reflection eland gorgeous accommodations. Come join us for some deep restoration and exploration of the somatic/emotional space within you. 

For booking please click here

For more information about us and what we will be offering please click here

Reiki Level One & Two Certification Class

One: Saturday September 9th 10am-6pm

Two: Sunday September 10th 10am-4pm

Held at Samyama Yoga Center, 2995 Middlefield Rd. Palo Alto, Ca

Reiki I is a gentle and easy way to tap into your healing power that is within all of us. Becoming a Reiki practitioner can spark a healing journey unto it self with the unique attunement process.

In this class you will recieve:

  • The attunements needed to become a Reiki I practioner
  • Reiki handbook including technique, history, definitions and other helpful tools
  • Learn about the history, learn what exactly Reiki is and all the techniques
  • Be led through meditation and guided visualization exercises to help ground and clear yourself for giving sessions
  • Be able to give a treatment and recieve a treatment during class
  • A certificate making you a bonified Reiki I practioner!

In Reiki Level II, you will receive the next level of attunements to become a Reiki II practitioner. You will learn how to use the three main symbols used for more focused healing sessions. These symbols have been handed down throughout the Usui Reiki system and can bring significant healing. You will learn how to do distance Reiki on others. Yes, you can do Reiki on someone when they are not present and it can be just as powerful. I also include an introduction to some breathing exercises that help circulate energy throughout the body and help you to be able to hold more energy in your body. You must have taken a Reiki I class to receive Reiki II certification.

Price for each class is $150 or $250 if you sign up for both Reiki I and II

Please call Samyama Yoga Center at 650.320.9262

Viniyin Yoga Workshop with Amy Rogg and Devin Begley

Sunday May 18th 6:30pm-8:30pm

Experience a stimulating Viniyasa class led by Amy Rogg followed by a grounding Yin class led by Joanne Brohmer.   The workshop will help you connect inward, release layers of tension, and experience an alpha state of awareness. Viniyin is a holistic blend of nourishment for the body, mind and soul. Get stronger, go deeper, and access your natural healing abilities. There will be a gong bath and singing bowls played during the Yin portion by our sound healer Devin Begley. 

Held at Samyama Yoga Center in Palo

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