Family Constellations

263139_10151631000573352_1542711206_nFamily constellations address larger and often hidden patterns in the entire family system of a person, including ancestry from several generations before. All people carry with them an energetic blueprint of their biological families, a family soul. Longstanding issues that seem to be hard to change with depression, health, negative beliefs, financial problems, to name a few, are usually a result of unconscious entanglements in the family soul. Constellations are a way to bring these entanglements to light, what the source is and to allow for some resolution. Usually people receive profound effects over several months and even family members who did not know of the constellation may receive shifts as well.

The process:

Once we asses together what the intention and aspects to be addressed in the constellation are, I will ask you to collect as much family history as possible that may be pertinent to the constellation. There will be some guiding questions I will give you to help find the information you need and ask what you need of family members. Then shortly before the constellation date, I will interview you to bring forth the pieces of family history we need. During the actual constellation, the client remains as a witness while participants volunteer to step into the field as representatives of the clients family members or aspects of self. I do it in a blind format, meaning the representatives do no know who they are representing until later in the constellation to allow the energies and entanglements to reveal themselves organically without the mind of the representative interfering. The experience of the representative is very real and there is no role playing or acting. They are downloading into their body the actual events and experience of the person they are representing as it contributed to the current system of the client. Entanglement are powerfully acknowledged and resolution is possible and can result in the client being able to let go of the limitation or wound. Usually the effects continue to unravel for weeks up to months after as they clients system is being adjusted. Sometimes family member who were not even present for the constellation can experience effects as all family members are deeply intertwined energetically in a family system. Participants also tend to end up in roles that resonate with their current systems and can experience profound shifts as well related to their own family system.

Family Constellations are offered on a sliding scale of $225-$350

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