Readings & Life Coaching

“I went to Joanne for help in making a difficult life decision. She was able to draw upon a set of modalities that brought clarity and freshness. By the end of our session together, I not only had a clear sense of direction, but I had a new set of useful tools for the future. Thank you, Joanne.” -Scott Broadbent, former resident manager of Stilheart Institute

Intuitive Readings

We may address things that you may or may not be aware of and can be an exciting and insightful way to connect to parts of your being and gain perspective about your life. I usually work off of visual and felt cues while in dialogue with you. I can pick up information about your relationships, work, your body and health as well as the past and present situation in your life. Sometimes I can see future potential as well. You are also a participant and questions and dialogue are encouraged.

Readings are $135/hr

Life Coaching

Joanne’s approach comes from a deep place of understanding that will support you in both the transformation you desire and the transformation you didn’t know that was in store. Her knowing comes from study in psychological techniques and more importantly, the work of exploring human psyche of emotions and experiences. her work recognizes your own individual journey, gifts, and talents. She guides you through answers in a way that supports the wisdom which fulfills and meets you exactly where you need to be.     -Ann, Yoga Teacher

The intention of life coaching is to help you to help yourself in seeing the deeper potential and power that is essentially you, and help you to begin to make choices in your life from this place. Ongoing sessions addresses deeper patterns of your life and can provide a safe space to begin to practice creating the life and the version of you that is your right and that you deserve. I guide you to find your own answers that lie within you by asking powerful questions and challenging blocking thought patterns. I help to facilitate you creating an environment in your life internally and externally of total self acceptance.

I offer a 30 minute free consultation to see you and if I can be of assistance to you and if you feel I am a good fit for you.

If you decide to work with me, I highly recommend at least 3 sessions to begin to set new patterns and actually be able to create a foundation.  If you are looking for just a single quick insight, please sign up for an intuitive reading. Coaching sessions are $175/hr but can also have shorter power sessions of 30 or 45 minutes after the first session.

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