Welcome to Inner Fire Healing Arts.

I am Joanne Brohmer, the founder of Inner Fire Healing Arts. I have been exploring the healing arts since I was 18 years old, consciously. But my heart and hands have been drawn to giving healing love to people, animals and all living things since I was a little girl. Everyone always told me I give the most amazing hugs, that my touch feels so good and that they are comforted by my presence. Taking it with a grain a salt, I have grown over the years to realize that if this is part of how my presence feels to others, than who am I to hold back from offering. Being an empath, I am quick to feel and have deep compassion for what others are feeling and have had some hard lessons in learning that no body can heal anyone else. We can be channels for healing energy for others who have the power to receive and chose to heal themselves. So as a healer I am here to hold space for others to enter into their own healing journey and help people empower themselves. I myself am here to wake up and help anyone I can from a place of humility and exchange to help wake up on their own path to their full human potential and move beyond the egos limitations. Lets get back to that soft, tender, open and courageous place that is our true nature.

Now for all things official

I received my first Reiki certification when I was 18. It was very powerful for me and I fell in love with it immediately and knew I wanted to bring Reiki to others. I found that receiving the attunements alone started me on a rapid healing process and an ever-expanding spiritual journey. So within a year I became a fully certified Reiki Master and teacher. I have been teaching Reiki since the age of 21. I have been a practitioner for 22 years now and have been teaching Reiki for 20 years. Integrated Energy Therapy, CranioSacral Therapy and intuitive reading are also powerful methods that I was led to learn and further help people to dig deep into their healing process and experience their full being and all the things that get in the way of experiencing to the fullest. My path into doing readings began with a channeling class with an esteemed psychic and counselor. I began traveling with her to festivals where I gained the understanding and confidence in how the gift of reading comes through me and now offer them privately.  I traveled to India in December of 2006 where I became a certified yoga teacher. I have studied and practiced methods of meditation and visualization techniques for the last 9 years and have found them to be powerful tools along my path. I became a certified Family Constellation Facilitator in August of 2010. I have discovered some of the deepest sources of my own personal wounding through constellations and am excited to be able to offer this chance for healing to others. During the course of doing readings and counseling people, I discovered that these sessions naturally would turn into coaching sessions. My pull to take on a more coaching style of helping others really stand powerfully in their lives. In 2018 I became officially trained as a life coach.

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